How Complete Cell Phone Coverage Will Be the Death of the Slasher Film

(And an experiment in embedded marketing.)

Frame 1

- Wow, it really is remote!

- Still got a signal, though. Even 3G. Impressive!

Frame 1

- Look out! A potential serial / mass murderer! Brandishing a knife and what not!

- Quick! Into the cabin post-haste!

Frame 1

- Operator, we are besieged by a knife-wielding maniac who surely means us harm! Our GPS coordinates are:
N 37° 1' 15.4518", W 93° 12' 21.6138"!!


– What's that? Stay put? Oh, you don't need to tell us that!

Frame 1

- Culprit apprehended! Wow, that was quite the scare, no?

– But ... what if it's a trick ...? You know, to get us out of the cabin!

Frame 1

- See for yourself! The arrest is up on YouTube already!

Frame 1

- Took'em long enough to get here, though. It's a good thing we had Clicket to pass the time!
Hey, how about another round?

- You're on!

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